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About Go

GO Homes is part of GO, a group of companies that undertakes all aspects of the residential development process from land acquisition, planning and development to design, construction and sales.

We work with public and private sector partners from landowners, house builders and developers through to local authorities, housing associations and home buyers creating places that people love and aspire to live.

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Go Companies

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    A new way to buy and sell property to the market. By combining artisan coffee shops with our estate agencies we’ve created a new kind of property company.

    Go Move
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    Go Planning is a creative design and planning service working with major residential developers and house builders in the UK to secure planning permissions across a wide range of projects.

    Go Planning
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    Go Homes creates brand new homes that are better for you, better for the environment and the best investment you’ll ever make.

    GO Homes
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    Go Design & Build partners with developers, local authorities and housing associations to create high-quality, mixed-tenure residential developments where people aspire to live.

    Go Design & Build
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    From private one-off homes to award-winning large-scale developments, Simon Oliver Homes is driven by a desire to create homes fit for modern living.

    Simon Oliver Homes